Friday, March 23, 2007


One of the subjects of the Islam teaching was to not have the force in being religious.
Islam obliged us to propagate Islam teachings both to Muslim and non Muslim. Nevertheless
the principle of peace continue to in held firm. Might not force someone to embrace the
Islam. Here, Islam gave the freedom to humankind to choose any religion with the consequences
“if choose Islam will be safe the world and the hereafter was if choosing the other will not
be safe from the threat and Allah's torture that in explained in Al-Qur’an”.The teaching
of this kind must be in each religion.
Terrorism that now becomes global rumours not appropriate in aimed to Islam as the
teaching and the philosophy of life. Why not, just as the intensity of Al-Qur’an
asked humankind that trusted him to become the foremost person in maintaining the
safe feeling, comfortable, and spread the positive values in the community.
The perpetrators's emergence of religious Islam terrorism on the basis of the jihad
was to be free from the Islam teaching that was true. They were people who carried
out destruction before the earth with Islam identity. Justified of his action with
religious propositions that in fact that blunder and deviant. Their action gave the
indication that their Islam understanding was not straight and untrue.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


in accordance with his name, Islam was the religion that put peacefulness, the egalitarian values, humanism, and the obedience forward to the Creator, Allah Subhanahu Wata’ala.
Islam not the religion that curbed the freedom of humankind, Islam not the religion that escorted humankind in the primitive culture but Islam drove and brought humankind headed Civilisation that dignity.

All the rule orders that were determined by Allah only for the human goodness personally. The obligation closed the body with clothes that in accordance with the Islam rule, the obligation helped the other person in the anything condition, the obligation maintained relations between the opponent of the kind, and obligations other will bring humankind to the position was praised both in a manner the universal values that in believed in humankind and the values absolute that was determined by the lord.

Therefore, this Weblog “Insha Allah” will contain short articles about the Islam theme and the universal values. With the background of thinking above, this weblog in for. It is hoped became the inspiration for anyone, especially for American Muslim who lived in the midst of the permissive culture and the democratic freedom.